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Frequently Asked Questions

What is load blancing?

Traditional Web Hosting uses one server which is a single point of failure. Also traditional web hosting does not distribute traffic to utilize multiple servers resources. At SharkBackup LLC, we use both DNS and hardware based load blancing. This system distributes incoming traffic across a group of servers to give your web presence the maximum aoutn of speed.

How does load balancing keep me anonymous?

When there is a request to view your website, it is routed through our globally located load balancers, only the load balancer is visible. The servers your website is hosted on is not visible.

What is failover DNS?

DNS is basically tranforming your domain name into an IP address, aka A record. Our DNS monitors our load balancers. If a load blaancer goes down, our failover DNS will remove the A record IP address and replace it with one of our faill over load blancers IP addresses. Our DNS is available to modify via are client area. After you create your first DNS zone, please contact our support. We have to manually enable failover DNS

How is my website anonymous?

Traditional web hosting leaves your websites IP public. Our load balancers protect the identity of your website. When a request is made to your website, our global load blancers route the traffic to our Dallas Datacenter where your website is stored. It looks like this: 1. request is made to your website. 2. Traffic is routed to a load blancer located nearest to the person requesteing the website. 3. Those load balancers route the traffic to our hardware based load balancers in our data center. 4. Our data center load balancers offload SSL and provide caching. 5. The data center load balancers route the traffic to multiple servers that work together to serve your website / content.

Does SharkBackup LLC provide email services?

No we do not. We offer email services via a third party vendor. During check out, you can purchase email addresses and we will support the emails. Your website is able to send email via smtp, authenticated email. If your website uses php non-authenticated email, it will not work.

How do we upload/migrate our website?

We do provide free incoming migrations. After your purchase is authorized, you will receive an email with control panel login information. From there, you can upload your website files, databases etc. As you upload the website, the files will automatically be synced to our other servers for load balanced redundancy.

Can we test the ecommerce website builder?